When it Rains, it Pours

Managing stormwater and flooding with Green Infrastructure

Street flooding in Queensland, Australia (Wikimedia Commons, Flickr user Lake Annand 2)
US EPA poster demonstrating several common green storm infrastructure methods of allowing more water to infiltrate onsite.
US EPA example of a rain garden in Seattle, WA.
Small-scale demonstration of natural drainage design, documented by Seattle’s Chief Traffic Engineer (and frequent booster of Safe Streets/Green Stormwater ideas) Dongho Chang (Twitter).
Simple grass-lined bioswale installation to slow runoff, allowing more to soak into the ground before flowing to the storm drain. [image: TGP]
A higher-cost decorative style of permeable pavement planted with grasses; the beneficial effects of absorbent surfaces are also achieved at lower cost using materials like gravel and plastic webbing as seen here. [Image Wikimedia Commons, by Immanuel Giel.]
Green roof installation at the Greenwich Village School, NYC. Photo Wikimedia Commons, user Aloha Jon.

Law and Sustainable Cities — Legalize Walkable Neighborhoods

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